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We are searching for a partner in your country

Up to 5 times higher
ROI than local go-kart tracks
A profitable & proven 
business model
Limited to no
Exclusive rights
in your city
Low maintenance
Sustainable & environmentally

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Join the fast lane

Join the Fast Lane to Success with
Drift Arena Franchise

Drift Arena Franchise is a premier provider of professional-grade drift trikes, delivering an exciting business opportunity for those passionate about sports and entertainment. Our turnkey franchise package includes everything you need to start a successful rental business, including site selection, tricycle installation, training, marketing support, and ongoing maintenance. We offer high-quality, durable, and safe tricycles that have been tested and improved to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. With our proven business model and transparent rules, you can be confident in the potential of your investment.

Join our network of successful entrepreneurs and become a part of the Drift Arena franchise family today.

Franchise benefits

Unique product –
no competitors
Exclusive rights 
on Wolftrike
Short launch time
of the business
High ROI & profitable
business model

Full Business

Operational Manual

Support in
legal aspects
Low maintenance
Low risk of
technical problems
No specific technical
knowledge required
Consultancy on
location and premises
World class Marketing
A place for international indoor drift competitions

Exclusive partnerSHIP contract with leading global media communication agency OMD Worldwide

Franchise Benefits

To ensure maximum efficiency, we suggest deploying 10 to 14 tricycles on the track, depending on your track size

Our maximum revenue forecast is based on a cost of only 15€ per 10-minute session, which may vary depending on the country and it can reach up to 40€  per 10-minute session. 


Franchise Opening Journey

8 Steps to Success with Drift Arena

Fill Application form online
Get Full Franchise Package
Sign Letter of Intent (LOI)
Invest in Arena and order your Wolftrike fleet
Get our Business Calculator for your market
 Initial online call with us
Sign Franchise Agreement
Open your business with our team full support on site

Investment for Drift Arena Franchise

All inclusive investment
“Welcome”  discount for new markets to join
No Hidden Costs

Total investment starts at 250,000 EUR up to 650,000 EUR with Drift Arena Franchise

Setting up a Drift Arena franchise requires certain investments and resources to ensure the smooth operation of the business. The initial investment for the franchise starts from 200,000 up to 650,000 and includes the cost of all necessary requirements such as trikes & equipment, track construction, training, marketing, and other operational costs. The franchise package also includes ongoing support and assistance from the Drift Arena team. With this investment, franchisees can expect a turnkey solution that allows them to start operating their own indoor drift track business with ease and confidence.

What's part of the franchise deal?

When you join our franchise, you're not just a number - you're a part of our family. We provide unrivaled guidance and support from the moment you sign on, and our pre-opening support is just the beginning. We're committed to your success and are here for you every step of the way.

Ready & profitable
business model
Fully functional
Large supportive
wolftrike 1500.png

We are proud to partner exclusively with Wolftrike, the world's only one electric drift trike designed specifically for rental purposes. Its durability and adaptability make it perfect for both novice and aggressive riders.

official website

Exclusive Partnership with

made in europe

Tips For Premise

Things to Consider 

Consider selecting a location with a minimum of 1000m2 up to 3000m2 of space available for the track, along with additional space for a reception area and other recreational rooms. These areas are crucial to the success of this business model, allowing you to increase your revenue potential.


We understand that every location is unique and may have different possibilities for suitable premises. That's why we encourage you to explore the options available in your city, and we'll work with you to help to choose the best location for your Drift Arena, taking into account your specific needs and the local market.

You take the first step by conducting research and exploring your options for potential locations and premises in your city.



Before beginning your search for suitable premises, it's important to research and understand the relevant regulations in your country and municipality. From a legal perspective, a Drift Arena indoor track is similar to an indoor electric go-kart track, so many of the legal aspects will be similar to that type of business.

An important point to note is that our business model is environmentally friendly, as our drift trikes have zero emissions. This means that you won't have to install expensive ventilation systems in your premises, which would otherwise be required for businesses with emissions.

Your Drift Arena doesn't have to be in the heart of the city. Look for a location that's easy to find, accessible, and has plenty of parking for your customers.

math of costs


To ensure the effective functioning of our Drift Arena business model, we suggest having 4-6 employees working in 2 shifts as track administrators. Additionally, a managing director is required to oversee the franchise operations.


Research the pricing of nearby indoor go-kart tracks to help determine the optimal price for a single 10-minute ride in your Drift Arena

Business Plan

The first thing to consider when setting up your franchise Drift Arena is the math - the projected monthly expenditure and income. We will support you with “Business calculator” for your market after signing Letter of Intent (LOI)

Our team will supply you with a business calculator.

Application form

Partner Application Form

After familiarizing yourself with the details and conducting some initial research, it's time to take the next step by completing our franchise application form.


We look forward to scheduling a virtual meeting with you to discuss this high-potential investment.

Where did you find us?

Thank You! We will get back to you within 1-5 business days

Franchise made by professionals 

Francorp is acknowledged as the world’s leader in franchising. Since 1976 Francorp has provided full development programs to help insure the franchise success.

OMD Worldwide is an international media communications agency. The world’s largest media network with 13,000 experts in 120 markets is considered business transformation partner for the world’s most influential brands. 

Wolftrike is the world's most durable electric drift trike. The product has been tested and proven itself on a track with more than 500 000 clients in the past 6 years.
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